Friday, September 12, 2014

I Am Link

--- Looney Tunes -Over at The Film Experience the team took on the topic of Best Voice Performances for this month's poll, and I love what everybody came up with - I didn't vote since I was out of town when it was due but I can't find much fault with where they went as a consensus, especially the love for Kathleen Turner as Jessica Rabbit. Paddy-cake!

--- Going For The Gods - I've been waffling back and forth whether I want to read this interview with Bryan Fuller where he apparently goes into a lot of detail on what they're doing with Neil Gaiman's book American Gods as they adapt it for TV; saving some surprises for myself might be nice? But perhaps you have no qualms, so have at it.

--- Dory The Explory - There's no word on what he's voicing but Idris Elba (as well as his Wire co-star Dominic West) will be voicing something, presumably an underwater something, in the upcoming Finding Nemo sequel called Finding Dory. I think we can hazard a guess that the lil' fishies will be finding themselves in European waters if they're going with all these thus accented actors though, right? Anyway with Idris' profundo basso filling the theater  I have to worry about getting an erection at a kiddie movie now, don't I? Not again!
--- And Speaking of off-color humor, I'm glad somebody wrote this article about our "online culture of outrage" this week - they were inspired by the death of Joan Rivers but it's something I've been thinking about watching John Waters' films all piled up like I have been. Could he even exist now? Would he want to? Even he, John Waters himself, has here and there in the Q&As I've watched him do this week been apologetic for the things he put onto celluloid. (The Manson stuff in Multiple Maniacs, for instance.) I'm kind of totally sick of everybody apologizing for everything right now. I have to go stomp on some people's feet with unrepentant glee or something.

--- Wife Swap - Chris Cooper, always so terrific, is joining Jake Gyllenhaal's movie Demolition; that's the one from the (sigh) Dallas Buyers Club director and co-starring Naomi Watts about a man who loses his wife and finds a new woman yadda yadda life changing et cetera. I'm hoping I like the Reese Witherspoon movie Wild, also from this director, so I can wash the stink of DBC off my expectations. Laura Dern leads the way.
--- The Man of Madness - Another gross online trend gets addressed by this article at Slate, discussing HP Lovecraft's blatant racism and his fan-boys desire to pretend it doesn't exist. I love Lovecraft, his work is probably the most influential that there is to how I view my favorite subject of horror, but he's partially interesting, as Slate is arguing, because of how messed up he was. We shouldn't ignore it.

--- Wilson in the Wings - What I missed when I posted those pictures the other day of Patrick Wilson's cock et cetera in his upcoming movie Stretch was the word that it hasn't been lost in the ether, it actually has a release date! It is hitting VOD in October. The Playlist shares that news along with a few clips.

--- Up With Chuck - I stopped reading Chuck Palahniuk's books right around the time he put out Rant, they were all getting a little too samey for me, so I haven't read it. But apparently it's the next one that's going to be turned into a movie - James Franco's going to produce and star in it. So... should I read it? Anybody?

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