Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Good Morning, World

I'd like to wish the makers of the just announced remake of Kim Jee-woon's terrific 2010 Korean action-horror movie I Saw the Devil the best of luck in not only making a movie anywhere near as good as the original, but also in finding a leading man as drop-dead everything as Byung-hun Lee.

Hey maybe they can just use Lee himself? He's making movies here in the US now, after all - he's in the next Terminator, for example. (IMDb doesn't say who he's playing - please let him be doing some naked time-travel!)

Back to the remake - it's Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett, makers of You're Next and the imminent (and lots of fun) thriller The Guest, that're apparently doing it. So I do wish them well - I like their movies so far. This is a high bar to jump, though. We shall see.

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sissyinhwd said...

I wish they weren't doing this. That was my favorite movie of the year when it came out in the US. It wont be half as good, guaranteed!