Friday, September 19, 2014

Good Morning, Kevin Zegers

A happy 30th to Kevin Zegers today - it's a shame he hasn't really found that role after Transamerica, he was very good in that, I thought. I blame whomever's idea it was for him and gratuitous god Godfrey Gao to  play boyfriends in those City of Bones movies and never give them a love scene. 

Anyway as far as actors on Instagram go Kevin keeps a fairly respectable one, light on the "Me! Me! Me!" ness that plagues his peers (which we exploit with glee, natch) - it seems like he's got a solid and happy personal life; this being somebody who started acting at the age of 8, this is cause to celebrate. But then we wouldn't be writing this post if we didn't find some stuff to show off, so hit the jump for a few shots (with a bonus extra gif from Transamerica worth a good hard glance or three)...


Marc said...

My general understanding is that Kevin had some sobriety issues for a while that sort of curbed his career post Transamerica. But yeah, he's now sober and happy and doing well and hopefully will get that golden role soon enough. He's a gorgeous man. He was Zac Efron before Zac Efron was Zac Efron

Film Excess Movie Review Blog said...

He's also a good reason to rewatch Dawn of the Dead (the remake of course), in which he's in a uniform and looks very cute and hot and makes you totally forget that it's a movie about zombies.