Friday, September 12, 2014

Cox Takes Comic-Con

Now that the John Waters Retrospective is wrapping up I've got two gigantic heaps-o-fun barreling my immediate way - The New York Film Festival and New York Comic Con. I'll have plenty to say on the former when press screenings gear up next week (I'll be covering it over at The Film Experience and I will of course be linking up all that here) but as for the latter we're finally getting word of what the panels will be and yesterday I got an email on a doozy - Netflix and Marvel are bringing their Daredevil series, meaning Charlie Cox will be in the building.

If you need to find me during Comic Con, I'll be the one throwing panties at the main stage. Just barrels and barrels of panties. By the time Charlie Cox is ready to leave he won't be able to because I will have built a fortress of panties hundreds of feet tall on every side of him, and he will be mine. It's a plan! In related news, hey look Charlie did one of those long-forgotten ice bucket videos and I never noticed until now.

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