Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Colton Haynes Six Times


You can always count on photog Steven Klein to give us something fetishistically militaristic. (thanks Mac) I do love that hair-cut.


Film Excess Movie Review Blog said...

Those pics are just some shiny leather pants and a leopard-patterned tank-top away from being straight-up porn. Kinky porn clearly.
Colton Haynes bless you.

Anonymous said...

who this guy? I don't get his story.

Scot said...

Why is it that you give that Luke What's his name so much shit yet this little twat-faced kid, who hired lawyers to remove seemingly gay pictures of him from the internet AND threaten bloggers, like you, gets any space on your columns? From everything I've read about him, he's a homophobic little creep.

Anonymous said...

Good lord, that man's handsome. What a jawline. And he's not homophobic, dipshit - He has a gay brother that he's very supportive of.