Friday, June 27, 2014

Quote of the Day

Firstly congratulations to Bryan Fuller and Hannibal and Mads Mikkelsen, who all won golden trophies at last night's Saturn Awards - Bryan receieved the Dan Curtis Legacy Award and saluted Curtis' specifically for freaking him out with Burnt Offerings, saying, "To all the storytellers, inventors and poets who freaked people out and made them think differently, I salute you." Hear hear, and we salute you for the same thing, sir! That's not my quote of the day though - my quote of the day comes from a really wonderful piece saluting Hannibal as "the better version of True Detective and Fargo" over at EW, all of which you should read, but here's the choice bit:

"Hannibal never settles for easy answers. Even when you know that Hannibal Lecter is evil, the show takes his perspective on existence utterly seriously. He’s not a gibbering lunatic in the woods or a wandering loner who keeps running into a symbolic wolf; he’s a likable snob fascinated by human nature. Mikkelsen gets all the praise, but Dancy might actually have the harder job. His Will Graham starts out unglued and then gets worse–and then he gets better because he gets worse. Both True Detective and Fargo presented Evil as an outside force invading; Hannibal torments Will with visions of the evil within him, barely repressed."

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