Thursday, May 29, 2014

I Am Link

--- Suited Up - It's just a mold (that's what she said) of the suit but DH has got an image of the basic design for the new Superman suit for Batman Vs. Superman: Clear Pepsi or whatever it's called and it's got what they call "a more alien look," but I don't see one single ectomorph penis anywhere. (Sorry I was raised on HR Giger, my definition of alien is different from what they mean I think.) Anyway all I care about is how much of Henry Cavill's ass will I be seeing, and that's still not clear.

--- Down Again - Eastbound and Down duo Danny McBride and Jody Hill are re-teaming (along with exec. producer David Gordon green, natch) for Vice Principals again on HBO, which will follow, you guessed it, a second-in-command at a high school. Sounds like ripe territory for the fellas who make prime rib outta meatheads.

--- White Lines - The pair that directed Little Miss Sunshine were about to make a movie called The Good Luck of Right Now which already had quite the pedigree even besides them - it was adapted from a book by Silver Linings Playbook author Matthew Quick by no less than Mike White, and it was going to star Brie Larson. But now the directors have dropped off the movie, supposedly because the studio didn't like the casting choices they were making for the rest of the cast. Well i hope the ship rights itself - I need a movie starring Brie written by Mike like yesterday.

--- Mob Boss - Olivier Assayas' next movie is lining up quite a cast - he already mentioned that Robert Pattinson was starring, and now comes word that Rachel Weisz and Robert DeNiro are both up in it too. Well it's about gangsters in Chicago so obviously DeNiro's there, right? It's apparently called Idol's Eye, a title I can't stand right off the bat. Fix that, Olivier.

--- Raptor Attention - Jurassic Park 4, aka Jurassic World, director Colin Trevarrow talked to SlashFilm about the recent plot-line leak for that movie - he sounds super sad about it, but then he spoils some of it anyway. I managed to side-step most of the spoilers myself, which is ridiculous because I'm usually front and center for that sort of thing. I am guessing that... dinosaurs are involved?

--- Queen of the Night - I've been meaning to do a good post on Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II for years and years and years, which Final Girl reminded me of today by doing just that. Jesus it's so Eighties I might start barfing up Trapper Keepers.

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