Tuesday, May 06, 2014

I Am Link

--- Oh My - Big news from production house Wild Bunch out of Cannes today - they're bank-rolling a sequel to Harmony Korine's Spring Breakers, which will be written by Trainspotting author Irving Welsh and directed by music-video legend Jonas Akerman and called Spring Breakers: The Second Coming. (Lord that title.) But that's not all! Gaspar Noe's making a threesome-movie called Love, and most excitingly of all - Paul Verhoeven has a new movie in the works! And it sounds super Verhoeveny - it's an adaptation of a French novel called Oh! about a businesswoman getting revenge on her rapist. Be afraid slash excited.
--- Off Dick - Michel Gondry isn't going to adapt Philip K. Dick's book Ubik anymore - he says he got a draft of the script from the writers which convinced him the book is unfilmable. Good work, writers! Then again I ain't never read that book so's what do I know? I just wanted a Michel Gondry Philip K. Dick movie, was all.

--- Kill Them All - Maniac Madness has broken out over at Final Girl! (That's kind of like Freak Fever, but with fewer pustules.) Stacie's got us voting on our favorite murderous ghouls, goblins, gals and so forth, step on over and make your opinions known! This first round has chubby Cenobites and possessed floor lamps. Yes please.

--- Death Stars - AICN is reporting that the working title for JJ Abrams' new Star Wars movie is Star Wars Episode VIII: The Ancient Fear. Their source says, and I quote, that "it refers to Max Von Sydow's villain who makes Pazuzu look like a pussy!" Mkay. On a related note, you did all see Kirsten Dunst's Star Wars dress at the Met Gala last night right? She wins everything, all the awards. I looooove it.

--- Gunk Love - John Lithgow says that he turned down the lead role in David Cronenberg's The Fly because he found it just too "icky." I mean... it is icky, so it's not like he's off-base or anything. I love John Lithgow (I really need to write up my thoughts on Love is Strange, dammit) but I'm glad that this part went to Jeff Goldblum in the end - Lithgow never would've brought the disturbing sexiness that Goldblum did.

--- Mo Oh Ses - I've seen The Ten Commandments way more times than any atheist should admit to, but what can I say - Anne Baxter, you guys. So I ate up Andrew's post on that very subject over at The Film Experience. I ate it right up!

--- The Fault in Shaileene - I knew I couldn't stand Shaileene Woodley for a reason! Her whole crunchy granola deodorant-free existence was irritating enough to me, but now she said some dumb-ass shit about feminism, which Pajiba rips to shreds hilariously - I was right all along. You guys need to trust my instincts.

--- Daily Dork - Saving this article for myself to read during lunch - here's The Daily Beast on fan culture and Battlestar Galactica and George RR Martin's books that little TV show those spawned and how those things changed the world of geekery.

--- Mountain Movie - The director of The Great Beauty, a movie I loved, is working on his next film and is snatching up a bunch of big-name Hollywood-type stars for it - Rachel Weisz, Paul Dano, Harvey Keitel and Michael Caine will star in Youth (aka In the Future), and it's about two old friends (Keitel and Caine) vacationing in the Alps. Hey if I could make any movie I wanted to after a rousing success I'd make a movie set in the Alps too, just to hang out there as long as possible.

--- And Speaking of The Great Beauty director, his right-hand man on that film is making his own first movie now, and he snatched up no less than Juliette Binoche to star in it! It's called The Wait and it's about a mother facing off with her son's fiancee, and it's set in Sicily. Similarly I would set my movie in Sicily so I could hang out in Sicily. Really, I'm just ready for another vacation already, seems to be the thing.

--- And finally, I was waiting to see if they'd release the entire video (and they probably will five minutes after I post this) but here's a snippet of the new Arcade Fire video, which stars Andrew Garfield in (and out, most importantly out) of drag: