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Thursday's Ways Not To Die


This week's Way Not To Die requires a little bit of set-up since I have the feeling that the majority of you have never seen the what-the-fuckery that is 1981's Fear No Evil. Think of it as a mash-up of The Omen and Carrie, if everyone making those movies had been totally unhinged. Really I just need to situate the players. We have three characters that matter right here:

The Coach and The Jock have - shockingly!!! - been jerks to The Nerd (With Devil Powers). Alright writing that out I realize maybe this doesn't need a lot of set-up, that's kind of How These Movies Roll. Anyway for some reason or another The Nerd (With Devil Powers) has been forced to do push-ups because nyah nyah you're a nerd, nerd. And scene.

Uh oh! Somebody's about to let their Satan Flag fly! Hit the jump for the rest plus much much more including history lessons, pictures of me as a child, and forced gay kissing! Everything, in other words...

Fear No Evil (1981)

I really feel like I need to rattle off a bunch of Austin-Powers-ish pun-drenched zingers after watching this scene.

That certainly took some... balls.
He just couldn't get out of... Dodge... quick enough.
Tag, you're it! It being dead!

And so on. Fill in your own, the fun never ends. Speaking of fun oh my god you guys this movie is ridiculous. I watched it because it was filmed in upstate New York, my ol' stomping ground - a bunch of it was filmed at Boldt Castle in the Thousand Islands (no that's not just a salad dressing), which is an interesting place...

... the GM of the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel here in Manhattan began building the castle as a country retreat for his wife at the turn of the last century, but he abandoned it when she died before it was finished. Romance! So it sat in ruins for over 70 years until the local government bought it, and began fixing it up. And a couple of years later I visited it with my parents, bringing everything full circle!

Alright that doesn't really bring anything full circle, but I remember the place pretty vividly. And if I'd known that a zombie demon gay-kissing killer-dodgeball movie had been filmed there I probably would remember it even better. I don't know why my parents kept that information from me.

So Fear No Evil was directed by Frank LaLoggia, the same guy who made the far-better-known and respected 1988 ghost movie Lady in White with Lukas Haas and Katherine Helmond, which was also filmed in upstate New York. 

Yes if you're guessing he was from the area; nobody really chooses to film in Upstate New York unless they have ties to it, I suppose. Anyway Lady in White was filmed while I was in Junior High School and it was a big deal around town; it was filmed around town simultaneously with the much beloved killer-slugs movie Slugs, which I've actually devoted a Ways Not to Die post to before!

I don't know why they were both filmed there at the same time, the two movies don't share a director or anything; perhaps they have producers in common. I don't know.Whatever the case, my home is a hot-bed of awesomeness, this I know now. Speaking of, back to the topic at hand.

It's been awhile since I've watched a good ol' pile of nonsense like this one - Fear No Evil tosses in everything from Jesus Zombie Hordes to the grandmother from Dante's Peak getting bonked on the head by possessed tree-branches to, uh, a psychotically inexplicable scene where The Local Bully and our Nerd (With Devil Powers) make out in the school showers in front of everybody...

... and make out with each other...

... and make out with each other...

... for a really long time that's super awkward
 for everybody involved, we the viewer especially included.

This scene is pretty genius though - it spins bullying and homophobia right around on its ass in seriously uncomfortable ways, and it really ought to be more well-known. The effeminate focus of the hyper het crowd's scorn turns their abuse back on them and the camera doesn't shy away for a second; this is pretty crazy stuff for 1981, y'all.

The movie doesn't really know what the hell to do with any of this - it goes speeding off in a thousand directions, but it's pretty clearly got sex stuff on its brain. As The Nerd allows his devil powers to take him over more and more he gets flouncier and flouncier, until he's wearing nothing but caftans and lip-liner...

... and the bully that he made out with in the shower has, um... grown breasts and then killed himself.

So there's that. There's no coherence to its purpose - I read somewhere the director says the movie was taken away from him and re-edited by the money folks; I don't know what would have been made out of this otherwise, if anything sane could have been found, but as it is it's all so bizarre and endlessly inexplicable you usually don't care, you're too bust picking your jaw up off the floor.

I could go on and and on about this movie - I didn't even get to the soundtrack, which has everything from Blondie to the Sex Pistols rocking away; I have no idea how they afforded any of it, or got any of it, but there it is playing alongside stuff like this...


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