Thursday, March 13, 2014

How Am I just Seeing This?

I suppose it's sort of my fault since this shot of Chris Evans in a wife-beater from a commercial for Captain America: Winter Soldier aired during a two week old episode of Agents of SHIELD that I am just now getting to. Or maybe it's Agents of SHIELD's fault for not really having my attention well enough that it takes me two weeks to catch up with their show. Whatever the case, I should've seen this somewhere by now - what good is Tumblr if not for catching such things?!? And yet I couldn't even find the specific commercial this shot's from online either, so I had to snap that picture with my phone, hence the less-than quality. Everything's going wrong! Everything! Let's look at Chris' back and make it better, then.

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Anonymous said...

Agents of SHIELD is a terrible show, always trying to cram that annoying Skye into the viewers throats as the savior of everything. They should've just called it "Skye and her Agents of SHIELD"