Thursday, February 06, 2014

The Most Beautiful Show On TV Is Back

Watching the new trailer for the second season of Hannibal just gave my enough goose-bumps to last me a lifetime. When the goose-bump sales-lady comes knocking on my door I'm gonna have to be all "No thanks lady, my cupboards are overflowing!" I am positively twitching with anticipation.

Yup - just like that guy! 
Here's the trailer:

And because this is the most beautiful show on TV, I just had to take some screen-caps from the trailer. It's too much gorgeousness not to wanna sit n' simmer in.  The show's back on February 28th, so til then these beautiful pictures of our nightmares made real will have to keep us going. Well our nightmares as well as our debased fantasies involving Mads Mikkelsen leaping over a counter at us in a blood-stained dress shirt. Ahem. Hit the jump to take it in!

Stag Man Lawyer!

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Anonymous said...

There is so much awesomeness in that trailer! I need to dust off my Blu-ray of Season 1 and get myself ready!