Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Slave Boys To Super Men

Two weeks til the 300 sequel comes out and we're finally getting some stills that matter - there's up-n-comer and atypical (for this series) twink Jack O'Connell, who's been getting recent raves for his performance in the prison flick Starred Up, getting some mano-a-mano from Sullivan Stapleton, the new movie's Gerard Butler replacement. And here's a look at our favorite ginger boyfriend David Wenham returning to the series...

... I didn't know he was coming back! And he's got both eyes so this must be a flashback? I don't really get what the timeline is for this movie, but... well who cares, really. I skimmed a few reviews (the film screened recently) and it sounds like it could be a fun time and not a total disaster like I worried (Eva Green was singled out as being totally crazy, in a good way), so I am totally there.

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