Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Beach Monster Bingo

So the first real full-length trailer for the new Godzilla movie starring Bryan Cranston and Aaron Johnson and oh right a gigantic fucking lizard is out now, watch it here:

Well it seems pretty clear that we're getting Rodan, right? 
There are two glimpses - first at 1:34 mark...
... and second at the 2:06 mark...

Those are wings and talons and all manner of giant mutant monster parts that have nothing to do with the scaly tube-sock that is Godzilla. Whee Rodan! Director Gareth Edwards has already said that he wants to have the sequel be a remake of Destroy All Monsters, which is Fully Monster Loaded; all I want is Ghidorah, he was always my fave. Give me Ghidorah or give me death! Or at least give me Aaron with his shirt off; that would work as well.

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John said...

Oh Aaron is so dreamy!