Thursday, November 07, 2013

The Moment I Fell For... James Badge Dale

I made reference to this moment from Shame in my last post and then realized I couldn't find a gif of it anywhere, so there, the internet has all that it was missing. All of it! Anyway one of my favorite threads in that film is how obvious Steve McQueen and James Badge Dale make it that Dale really just wants to fuck Fassy super bad (and maybe even vice versa), and he's using Carey Mulligan as a stand-in for her brother.

It's part of what I find so riveting about the film (and how well Fassbender is suited to the part) - that the character's sex addiction is encouraged by every single person in his life; it's a catch 22 chicken versus egg thing - Fassy's Brandon gives off so much sexual energy that the world's picking it up from him, and so everyone around him leers at him and sexualizes him as he sexualizes them, and so he can't escape from the cycle. And then he goes into the woods and takes a pee and everybody posts pictures of it online and it's a whole thing!


shaun said...

JBD is so hot -- I find his face to be really interesting, too -- it has character. He isn't vanilla sexy or generic sexy -- just sexy sexy.

Unknown said...

He is sooo sexy. First fell in love with him in 'The Pacific' but he was super hot in 'Iron man 3'

Schlickmann said...

His father,actor, dancer, choreographer and theatre director Grover Dale, dated Anthony Perkins for years. Anthony also dated cutie Tab Hunter