Thursday, November 21, 2013

I Am Link

--- Road To Somewhere - The fourth Mad Max movie has finally staked out a release date, years after it started shooting - hell I think Charlize's hair has grown all back by now hasn't it? Mad Max: Fury Road will be released on May 15th 2015, which The Playlist points out is only two weeks after the second Avengers movie is set to come out.

--- Next To Last Stand - Another one bites the dust - Crazy Heart director Scott Cooper took a crack at trying to turn Stephen King's The Stand into a movie, and failed. Well "fail" might not be the word - we'll reserve that for whomever actually makes the movie. Scott Cooper dodged a bullet. Not that I don't want to see a movie of The Stand of course - I just think turning that big ol' thing into a single movie is a fool's errand.

--- Free Tilda - Bong Joon-ho sounds like we might be seeing a light at the end of the tunnel with his post-apocalyptic train movie Snowpiercer, and his own cut of the film sans Harvey Weinstein's ego-driven edits might actually be released in the US. Let's all hold our breath until then.

--- Blue Bats - AICN takes a look at a shit-ton of domain names that Warner Brothers just registered, which hint at possible titles for the Man of Steel sequel, which we all thought was going to be called Batman Vs. Superman or Superman Vs. Batman or whatever. They're all terrible.

--- Whither Crawford - Laurence Fishburne is making a TV series for HBO called The Right Mistake, based on a series of novels by Walter Mosley about an ex-con "battling his demons." If you read the lone comment at that link you'll know why I'm even linking to this news, since I don't know shit about these books - what does this mean for his character on Hannibal???
--- You're Lucked - The dude who created the greatest franchise of or time, the Final Destination movies, is setting up a new series called Superstition: Final Chance, which going off that title and the fact that it's set on a college campus (which are the only two things we know so far) leads me to believe it's basically Urban Legend we're talking about here. My guess is instead of a slasher killer like in the Urban Legend movie though, it'll be an unseen force like in the Final Destination films - instead of Death, it's Bad Luck! Anyway I will watch that obviously, but I hope this doesn't mean we're done with the Final Destinations! I want them forever and ever!

--- Life Itself - Every time I type the letter "R" into my search bar the name Roger Ebert pops up and I just get sad. So fucking sad. Anyway Hoop Dreams director Steve James is apparently almost finished with his doc on Ebert and is asking for some cash to help with post-production stuff. This movie will make me so sad.

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