Thursday, October 03, 2013

I Am Link

--- Mutant Love - IGN talked with James McAvoy about the next X-Men movie, and natch my favorite bits are where he talks about how sad he was that he hasn't really gotten to hang out with Michael Fassbender so much on this shoot - hopefully they got to hang out in their dressing rooms, in states of undress, or whatever, these are the thoughts I'm entertaining anyway. McAvoy says that he did get to hang out with Hugh Jackman and Nicholas Hoult this time around though, so the world's tiniest violin for you, mister man.

--- Bugging Out - It's only early pre-production stuff, the movie isn't even cast yet, much less officially shooting, but The Playlist caught a tweet from Edgar Wright giving us a glimpse of some work on the Ant-Man movie.

--- Witchy Woman - Samuel L Jackson let it slip that Elizabeth Olsen will indeed be playing The Scarlet Witch in the second Avengers movie, which had only been internet chatter until now. I assume Sam knows that of which he speaks, but we'll see if there's an official official announcement any time soon. I think that Aaron Johnson playing her brother Quicksilver is still technically unofficial as well? Even though Aaron's talked about wanting to play the part publicly.

--- Stabs For Everybody - A couple of developments on the Scream front - Harvey Weinstein gave an interview where he basically says he's hoping they make a fifth movie so they can just bloodbath everybody to total death. Great idea, Harvey! You're a winner. And also the proposed Scream television series for MTV will be a start-over and have some kind of supernatural bent to it - Ghostface is really a ghost? I don't know.

--- Field Star - I'm surprised that a Pele bio-pic hasn't been made before - not that I really care so much, but still. And I only care now because DH says that Rodrigo Santoro might be taking a part in it. He won't be playing Pele, obviously. They don't know who he'll be playing. Hopefully it's someone in a soccer uniform, since we liked that so much the last time.

--- Fish Story - Disney's The Little Mermaid is getting a big new release on DVD and so forth soon and our pal Tom Blunt looks back at the animated favorite of our childhood with his rose colored glasses firmly set aside, and it is hysterical. So many questions!

--- Winged Demons - This one's totally random but gosh these pictures of birds turned into ashen mummies from touching a poisonous lake in Tanzania are totally freaking incredible, aren't they? Crazy creepy.

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