Friday, October 11, 2013

Captain Phillips in 250 Words or Less

I guess I'm going to have to go watch the Bourne movies now, aren't I? (Yes that's right, I still haven't seen any of the Bourne movies; commence bitching at me again in 3 2 1...) I had measly expectations for Captain Phillips - maybe because I haven't seen those damned Bourne movies and haven't gotten a handle on Paul Greengrass as a director (I have seen United 93 but I think it traumatized me so much I scarcely remember it), or maybe it's that I just haven't found a reason to be excited about anything to do with Tom Hanks in a very long time. Also the whole Somalian Pirates story when it was in the news was not one that grabbed me. Also watching a bunch of people scream at each other in rickety Boston accents in a bunch of enclosed metallic spaces of a boat as it bobbed up and down and the shaky you-are-there vérité camera-work that Greengrass is known for rattled my brains all sounded like the fuel of nightmares, honestly. But holy high hell was I wrong - Captain Phillips is top notch stuff, thrilling from start to finish - and lemme tell you what, that finish? It might be the single finest bit of acting that Tom Hanks has ever pulled off. This is all that action movies can be right here.


Anonymous said...

There was a piece on Captain Phillips on CBS last Sunday and there was an interview with the woman ( a real shipboard doc) who was asked to do that scene. She talked about how nervous she was and how she couldn't remember what to say, and how Hanks in the kindest and most gentle way helped her get it. I thought the scene was the one that will get him the Golden Globe and Academy Nomination and it was in large part to her authenticity.

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Anonymous said...

That last twenty minutes is no joke...not only the best thing Hanks has ever done (which isn't saying a whole lot since I really don't care much for him) but some of the best acting I've seen by anyone in a very long time.

News said...

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