Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Quotes of the Day

Oh this is a delight! The delight of the day! The wonderful website The Dissolve - y'all do visit there right? I don't think I've linked up to them before but every time I visit there's something amazing waiting for me - has outdone themselves today with this Oral History of Larry Cohen's amazing 1982 cult film Q: The Winged Serpent, which I guess has just come out on BluRay. You should know that we here at MNPP adore QtWS (indeed I just got a copy of its glorious poster, seen to the right, for my birthday, and this reminds me I have got to get that sucker good and framed). Anyway from the oral history of the movie, my favorite bit is from the section where they talk about actually filming at the tip top of the Chrysler building here in New York:

Director Larry Cohen: It was very dangerous. Seventy-seven stories above the street, no guardrails, no windows, completely exposed on all sides. It was like a platform, really. A platform in space. And if you stepped off the platform, that was the end of you. You’d go flying down into the street. So it was a hairy place to shoot a movie. But we couldn’t afford to build the top of the Chrysler Building, so we had to do it at the real place!

Actor Malachy McCourt: I was racking my brain for any sort of unusual incidents, but the only ones I know of are the consternation caused by the folks in the film being on top of the Chrysler Building and shooting machine guns at the nonexistent monster.

Actor Eddie Jones: Yeah, I remember being on the Chrysler Building, firing bullets, and the casings were falling down onto the street, so the cops came. But by that time, thankfully, most of the shooting had been done.

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