Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I Am Link

--- Robo Chap - I can't remember if I'd heard this one before but Neil Blomkamp's lining up his next project - it's called Chappie and it will return him to South Africa; it's about a robot stolen by some gangsters and forced to do their bidding. Blomkamp's right-hand man Sharlto Copley will voice the robot, which seems to miss the complaint here in the US that nobody had a clue what Copley was saying half the time in Elysium, but irritates me mostly because I want to look at Sharlto, all of him, with my eyes.

--- And Speaking of Blomkamp I hope to write some reviews this afternoon so stay tuned, but for now (and giving you a clue where I'm at) there are a bunch of interesting think-pieces tearing apart Elysium going around - The Playlist goes through it good bad and ugly style, while CriticWire applies the rules of world-building to it to see how it stands, and most interestingly is this piece at ThinkProgress dissecting its weaknesses when it comes to its own health-care allegory.

--- After Mud - Saw a commercial for Mud last night and rambled a bit about how much more I'd have like it sans McConaughey - he was perfectly fine in the role but I really just don't like looking at him anymore. (Magic Mike besides.) Anyway I'm glad to see director Jeff Nichols is lining up a much more agreeable to me cast for his next flick - Kirsten Dunst has just signed on opposite Joel Edgerton and Michael Shannon (of course Michael Shannon) for Midnight Special, which is about a father and son who go on the run when they discover the boy has special powers. Not sure who's playing who, but somehow I don't think Joel Edgerton is playing Michael Shannon's son. But maybe Michael's playing Joel's daddy? Now that's I'd watch.

--- Dare To Dario - The Playlist gathers up some quotes from director David Gordon Green in the new issue of Esquire mainly about his gestating or dead remake of Suspiria (somehow he made me want to see a remake of Suspiria so much, only to pull the rug out once he'd tricked me into needing it), but he also says he's mulling a horror film written by the guy who wrote Compliance. Okay! Make that then!

--- Pretty Pictures - EW has the first couple of pictures of Clive Owen and Juliette Binoche as an inevitably perfectly dreamy pair in Fred Schepisi's upcoming film Words and Pictures, which will be screening at the Toronto International Film Festival. Clive has beard! Score. And Juli is as lovely as ever. And how nice to have a romantic pairing that involves two people of the same older age, too.

--- And Speaking Of Clive, I forgot he's making that miniseries with Steven Soderbergh for Cinemax about a New York City hospital at the turn of the last century called The Knick; some other actors - including the cute-bummed and talented to boot Michael Angarano - have just been announced. It'll film here this Fall.

--- Mish Monster Mash - I forgot to link to this the other day but here's Rich taking down The Conjuring over at Gawker and making me feel a little less crazy for not liking the movie; my friend Tom also pointed out something to me that I hadn't thought of about the flick - nobody ever conjures shit in it! Title fraud!

--- Viva Villains - Taking to Twitter to explain himself, Chronicle creator Max Landis explained just how weird his sequel to that down-scaled super-hero hit would have been - it sounds like he would've spun the world of the first film around three hundred and sixty and taken a look at a good woman who turns herself into a villain, or something. More importantly, Chronicle cutie Alex Russell is working on a movie called Believe In Me, where he'll no doubt flash those dimples and win my heart anew. (thanks Mac)

--- And Finally here's our pal Sean T Collins on the season premiere of Breaking Bad for Rolling Stone, being his usual very smart self on these things. Love love love the comparison between the final scene and A Game of Thrones.

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