Friday, August 16, 2013

A Very Frances Thanksgiving

I doubt this will surprise anybody who's heard me rave about the film over the past year but I'll just state it outright, even if it might end up spoiling my eventual Great Movies of 2013 list - at this point, Noah Baumbach's Frances Ha is my favorite movie of the year. Hell if I'd gone ahead and put it on my list for 2012 (I saw it at NYFF last Fall the first time) it would have topped last year's list too. All the lists! It wins all the lists! Seriously though I've seen it four times now and my love only keeps deepening. So the news that it will be hitting DVD (via no less than Criterion, too) in November meets these ears as happy, happy music. It streets (see how hip I am? I said "streets," as a verb and everything) on November 12th. I trust you all have seen it now and totally, completely agree with me. I wouldn't want to have to show up on your door-step and go all Clockwork Orange on you til we're fully simpatico. Anyway, that's good timing, Oscar-wise, right? Everybody in the Academy will have it sitting beside their DVD players for a couple of months, plenty of time to soak it in and appreciate Greta's magic.


MrJeffery said...

criterion? yay yay yay

Anonymous said...

People say when you have a kid, your life isn't about you anymore. But it's still you! It's *half* you!

Curtis said...

In our last podcast episode we talked about FRANCES HA, and I enjoyed the film greatly, though in part because of who and how it was made. But a good movie none-the-less. :)