Friday, July 26, 2013

Take a Gondola Ride on the Wolf Creek

Thanks to Glenn for the heads-up on this last night - Wolf Creek 2 - the hugely-anticipated-by-me (and also by anyone who saw the original film for the brilliantly rendered horror movie it was) sequel from director Greg McLean starring John Jarratt once again as the outback sadist Mick - is going to be having its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival! It was accepted to play out of competition - I'd say it's a big deal for a slasher movie sequel to be accepted to play such a place, wouldn't you? John Jarratt himself agrees:

"It's very rare for a film festival to accept a sequel, unless it's exceptionally high quality. This is a wonderful endorsement of our great film."

Well said, serial killer. (Sorry John! You're just always gonna be Mick for me.) Let's just hope that some studio other than the Weinsteins grab this up for US distribution, since they so infamously bungled the original film's release. "Let's release a gut-sinkingly horrific slasher flick on Christmas Day," says stupid people. Ugh. I'll never get over that. Never!

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Anonymous said...

It premieres tomorrow!