Thursday, July 25, 2013

I Am Link

--- Acting Time For Andy - I suppose Andrew Garfield has got to find something to do in his downtime between slipping in and out of his bum-accentuating spandex, so he's just signed on to star in 99 Homes, the new flick from Man Push Cart's Ramin Bahrani. So, you know, a chance to act again. It's about a man who loses his home who then ends up teaming with the broker who took it to take other people's homes. All American as all get out, then.

--- God Damned - It's only been two weeks but I find myself already going back and convincing myself that there was more to love about Only God Forgives then there actually was, since it seems so inexplicable that the things that should've been so cool were not so cool. (Here's my review.) So I'm thankful for this knock-down drag-out evisceration of the movie from Michael C over at The Film Experience, I needed to reminder.

--- They Got Their Girl - As rumored Rosamund Pike has officially signed on to play the "girl" in Gone Girl, David Fincher's forthcoming adaptation of Gillian Flynn's terrific book, which already has (much to my chagrin) Ben Affleck attached as the male lead. I actually caught Pike in Jack Reacher this weekend - I had no idea she was in it, and now that I've seen it I have no recollection of her, so it works out in one way. but then JR is tremendously forgettable (how the hell do you waste Werner Herzog as a bad guy like that?) so I have no doubt Fincher will give her more to work with than she had there. Also in contention for roles - Neil Patrick Harris and Tyler Perry? Somebody remind me who the hell those two could play, please.

--- Miami Heat - There are a few new pictures from Ridley Scott's The Counselor over here, and good news Michael Fassbender's in nearly every single one. I was worried with such a starry cast that Fassy might get upstaged but he seems pretty central, thank goodness. Also are those linen pants? Michael "swinging all over the place" Fassbender in linen pants? Give the costume designer their Oscar right now.

--- Space Helpings - Yesterday I had a nervous breakdown over a single clip that was released to promote Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity - I would like you all to know I stayed strong, I still haven't watched it. Well now they've gone and released two more, apparently! Good grief. Strangely I actually feel it's easier to not watch them once there are more and more - I'm certainly not going to watch all three, and how would I pick which one to watch? So I'm totes good now.

--- Gold Rush - Ewan McGregor and Gwyneth Paltrow and going to co-star with Johnny Depp in David Koepp's Mortdechai, which sounds like National Treasure meets The Thomas Crown Affair or something. Art theivery and secret codes and blah blah treasure. Anyway if you get rid of the Depp element, I'd totally be excited for this, I love Ewan and yes I love Gwyneth I don't care what you say. Of course Koepp made the terrible bike messenger thriller Premium Rush last - which I was just thinking about this morning because there was this douche-bag messenger crowding the entire subway car with his bike during rush hour - so who knows.

--- All A Flutter - Glenn saw Dan Futterman at BAM the other night and gives us a report on how his ass is holding up, along with a slew of old pictures of him in Urbania, which are always always always worth a look-see. God he was just the most perfect fuzzy adorable thing in that ever. (some more here too)

--- Dead Girl - Abagail Breslin, who I just watched run around in her bra with a screwdriver pressed to her face in The Call the other night, will play Arnold Schwarzenegger's zombie daughter in Maggie, which is about him trying to bring his daughter back from zombie-dom. I really need to write my reivew of The Call today, by the way. If you happened to miss my live-tweeting during it... I have things to say about that movie.

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