Friday, July 19, 2013

I Am Link

--- The Me Show - I love the idea of this movie so much - Welcome to Me will star Kristen Wiig as a woman with multiple personalities who wins the lottery and used her winnings to create a TV show starring herself. AMAZING. I want to see that movie a thousand times tonight. Several people just joined the cast, including Jennifer Jason Leigh and the awesome Linda Cardellini. So glad Linda's getting work.

--- Funny Young Cannibals - I wish I could embed it over here but EW demands their clicks so head over to see a bit of the blooper reel from Hannibal that showed at Comic-Con yesterday. If you follow Bryan Fuller on Twitter then you've seen it looks like they had a great time.

--- Pop This - I'm sad I've had to miss The Film Experience's "Hit Me With Your Best" shot series the past couple of weeks, they've been a couple of movies I'd have loved to talk about - this week it was Mary Poppins, which I actually rewatched a couple of months ago for the first time in ages. I would've just looked for the shot where Julie Andrews looks her most deranged, since that character's such an unremittant creep.

--- Me So Kaiju - Go read Tim's review of Pacific Rim, where he argues elegantly about the pros and cons of the film - even though I espoused not caring about the cons in my review since I was having so much fun, it's still good for them to be mentioned. (I also think everybody's being too hard on Hunnam, but then he and I go back too far for me to be anything even approaching partial.)

--- Boy Nine - And speaking of good boy Charlie, he's signed up to star in the next movie from John Hillcoat, director of Lawless - it's called Triple Nine and it's about corrupt cops planning a heist. DH says that Cate Blanchett and Christoph Waltz are under consideration for roles too, but haven't signed or anything yet.

--- Zero Man - And speaking of Waltz, Empire has the first few pictures from Terry Gilliam's Zero Theorem, which I think I maybe read has some kind of presence at Comic Con? Maybe I'm just mashing up headlines in my brain - my addled over-stilumated brain. Poor thing.

--- Little Big Screen - This is one of those times when I'm posting something just to remind myself to read it later when I have the time, but here's an apparently excellent piece over at Slate dissecting why the apples to oranges comparisons between good television and bad movies isn't worth our time.

--- Scary Stuff - I was going to do a "quote of the day" from this interview at Fangoria with Nicolas Winding Refn yesterday but I ran out of time and now it's too late (and time's short today too; I'm out of here in a couple of hours) so I'll just link over and tell you to imagine I underlined the final portion where he's asked about whether he'd want to make a straightforward horror movie and what horror actually means to him - it's good stuff.

--- Super Suck - I had issues with the last act of Chronicle but until then I thought it was terrific and this story irks - the studio drove Max Landis, its writer, off the sequel because they want a shitty repeat of the first film instead of something new that actually progresses the story. Hollywood needs to fuck itself with these sorts of stories lately, execs are so fucking gross sometimes. Wish all the failure upon this.

--- Girl Again - Another story I meant to post yesterday and missed - the writer of Seven is taking a crack at the script for a second Girl With the Dragon Tattoo movie (I can't for the life of me remember what the second book's called right now - Hornet's Nest? Fire? Whatever), but the studio might be pissed off at David Fincher for heading off to make Gone Girl and they might hand the franchise to a different director. That'd be a shame, I love the first movie... but they could hire somebody good too, so I'll wait and see before I bitch. I was pretty much convinced the franchise was dead, so I'm just happy that's not the case.

--- See Sucker - The upcoming Dracula television show with Jonathan Rhys Meyers has released some strange kaleidoscopic pictures for each of its main characters over here, including a look at Thomas Kretschmann's dapper ass suited up as the Van Helsing character.

--- High Whit - Just a little tidbit of info but a happy one all the same - Whit Stillman's already working on a new filmafter delighting so recently with Damsels in Distress; he says "It’s based on a funny but obscure late 18th-century work that reads a bit like an Oscar Wilde play." It'll be shooting in the UK.

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