Friday, July 19, 2013

Good Morning, Webber

I think this might be the first "waking up in a van down by the river" good morning post I've ever done. It's the actor Mark Webber's 33rd birthday today - that shot is from something called The Lie, in which... well Mark Webber has a beard. And sleeps in a van. River TBD. 

That's a beard and a half, yo! Anyway I was literally just thinking of Mark Webber two days ago when I posted that shot of Ari Graynor being adorable in For a Good Time Call, and I remembered how adorable Mark was in that movie.

He also looked stupefyingly like someone I know in real life - like, so much so that it seemed as if he were costuming himself and posing like this person. It was really weird.

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