Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Gratuitous Godfrey Gao II

In "Dear lord what a dangerously dumb oversight on my part" news, I allowed nine months to pass since my last gargantuan gratuitous post for actor (and male model, natch) Godfrey Gao, and in the time since he has had approximately twelve hundred billion hot photographs of himself taken. Approximately. And not just photographs! Take a gander at this jeans commercial...
I know it is hot outside, but it is getting hot in here, am I right or am I right? He's so sickeningly pretty I want to slap him silly. (Whether it's my hands that I'm slapping him with I'll leave up to you.)

Anyway even if I allowed too much time to pass this post here is timely, since I've been seeing the commercials for that Mortal Instruments movie all over the place, which will be his introduction to American audiences when it comes out in August. And playing gay no less. And playing gay with Kevin Zegers no less.

From what I hear the two of their characters are side-characters and so we probably won't get a lapse in the action where they go at it for ten minutes, unfortunately. But that's the movie I'll be watching in my mind the whole time! (And we will see him in his underwear, we already know.)

So like I said we've got a ton of pics to share, about seventy more actually - you know the drill - hit the jump and wade in deep, y'all.

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