Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Do Dump or Marry - Get Ready To Rim-ble!

(Sidenote: I'm so glad I got that pun out of my system before I write a review of this movie.) Hey guys, Pacific Rim opens in three days! Even less if you're going to a Midnight show! In truth I have grown patient in my old age and I'm not seeing the movie until Sunday. But still, so close! The movie's been getting pretty good reviews from the little bit of scanning around that I've done - sounds like giving an actually talented film-maker a wad of cash to realize his geeky dreams maybe worked out this time. For all of us! We all win. 

Anyway that picture up top is of the three main menfolk in the film - our beloved Charlie Hunnam (more here), sexy British new(ish)comer Rob Kazinsky (more here), and walking sex-bomb Idris Elba (more here) - at the film's premiere and I realized hey, one two three, bam. Let's do a Do Dump or Marry for these suckers! Hit the comments and tell me which guy you would form one night's illicit neural bridge with (do), which guy you'd Jaeger bomb to hell and back (dump), and which guy you'd strap yourself into a gigantic robot with and stomp off into the sunset (marry).


Murtada said...

do Charlie, marry Idris so I can keep doing him and dump whoever the 3rd guy is

Alas I will not be seeing the movie - two hours of staring at giant v/x machines is not my idea of fun. I'll look at the premiere photos

iggy said...

Do the guy in the middle just because of the video below in the other post.
Marry Hunnam, cheat on him with Elba (what I see in his pants is what I think?). Divorce Hunnam, marry Elba, cheat on him with Hunnam...with Hunnam.
I know, that's technically cheating, but if you think about it, it's marrying one, doing the other, dumping the one I married first, marry again and start all over again.;) Yeah, I had to find a way to keep on doing those two.

joel65913 said...

Do-Rob Kazinsky
Dump-Idris Elba
Marry-Charlie Hunnam

will h said...

Kill them all and have a loving sexual relationship with my husband Charlie Day.

par3182 said...

do - idris

after that, i don't care...about anything

Anonymous said...

Do: Charlie
Dump: Rob (who is amazing, but c'mon... he didn't have a chance)
Marry: Idris

Anonymous said...

Marry-the guy on the left
Dump-the one in the middle

But I would have to do Elba a lot of times cause I couldn't get enough of that dark strong big solid hard piece of chocolate.

David said...

Do: Idris (I'd probably tire of him anyway.)
Dump: Charlie (I just DON'T get it.)
Marry: Rob (Perpetual Warlow-wood!)