Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Michael Fassbender Eight Times


First six things first, I don't believe I have ever seen those shots of our main Irish-German squeeze before. Second two things second, the first batch of photographs from his upcoming re-team with his Shame / Hunger director Steve McQueen called 12 Years a Slave have been released - below are the two shots with Fassy in them, but you can see a few more at this link. That first one of him and Chiwetel Ejiofor being all close-like is stirring confusing sensations...

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Seymour Fassbender said...

Steve McQueen don't fail me now. You and you alone have blessed us with Fassy's dick in both of your previous films, you're the only one who's managed to convince Michael to unfurl his prodigious member for the viewing pleasure of audiences world wide, it's like a good luck charm at this point and a defining characteristic of any Steve McQueen film, it has to make an appearance.

Please find a scene to showcase it in, the movie's a period drama after all and if Merchant Ivory films have taught me anything it's that period pieces are the perfect showcase for beautiful uncut flaccid penises.

In other word...give me Fassbender cock right now!