Wednesday, June 19, 2013

It Might All Have Been Worth It

For the past few years we've all had to jump through myriad mental hoops to process our Aaron Johnson lust through the lens of him being married to a woman more than twice his age (and he was barely legal at the time of their meeting) so now it's time for that burden upon us all to bear some good fruit - Sam Taylor-Wood, aka the elder party in question, has just signed on to direct the movie adaptation of Armie Hammer's Least Favorite Mommy Porn, aka 50 Shades of Gray. The only movie she's directed before this is Nowhere Boy, which is where she met her 19 year-old husband-to-be. Anyway hire your boy-husband for the Mommy Porn, lady. You owe us.


50 Shades of Motherwiving said...

She is a 50 year old filthy cunt and he's 23? In 1990, when he was a new born infant she was as old as he is now. That's just sickening. When he's 30 she'll be almost 60 years old. I can't wait for the day when I can read the news that he's left her for a 21 year old (preferably her own daughter).

She's the perfect director for this film. A piece of human shit directing an adaptation of a piece of literary shit. Seems apropos.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, I get exactly what you're saying about the age difference - you gave the example that makes me cringe just from putting myself in that relationship scenario. But it's not your life! I'm also taking two seconds out of my day to write a comment on some random site, mine being, holy shit, glad I don't know someone so volatile as you to hate on someone you don't know and will never meet like this. I do agree 50 Shades is 50 Shades of Shit but lordy...why don't you sip some Twinings tea and take a breath and enjoy some of the internet's offerings, instead of... this.

50 Shades of Fuck You said...

Do you see any exclamation marks in my post? Everything I said was meant to be read in a nice relaxed bitchy tone.

She is a filthy cunt for fucking someone who's a few years older than her daughter and then trapping him by getting knocked up...twice. Nothing I said, isn't a fair estimation of this depressing waste of a beautiful young man's life.

I can't criticize her because I don't know her, yet you're allowed to do exactly that with me? And for the record, I'm also glad I don't know people like you, Mr.Milquetoast.

Jason Adams said...

Alright alright, I know Aaron Johnson's hot ass inspires passions deep, so deep, inside of us all, but let's remain civil.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why this is an issue. Billions of people in the world don't think gay people should be able to get married. Other people don't think large age differences in relationships are okay. It's none of our damn business. Aaron is an adult (hell, he's older than I am) and can make his own choices. If he is attracted to her and she to him, why on earth should we despise their relationship? Marc Jacobs is always with someone half his age. Same with Jack Nicholson and half the other wealthy men of the world. This woman is disgusting yet they're okay? A COMPLETE shallow double standard. And this coming from a man who finds Johnson very attracted. Separate your own attraction from how you blindly judge others. We don't have a chance with Aaron. If they were happy together, then hooray for them. They're not hurting anyone, it's just not quite "normal" and so it's inspiring vicious judgement. This is mainly directed at the really aggressive commenter here, but JA, you post negative things about their relationship often and I find it off-putting. There aren't young celebrities you'd fuck if given the chance? I am 22 and I can name many people more than twice my age I'd gladly fuck.