Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Lick It Up, Luke Baby, Lick It Up

Ah yes, him again. Noted Homosexual Luke Evans has a new job, you guys! And the tip top fangbanger at that. He's been cast in the lead in Dracula Year Zero, apparently beating out Tom Hardy for the role... which you should read as "Tom Hardy was too busy with other projects," of course. Sam Worthington and Alex Proyas were going to make this movie last year but budget bloat cut it down; now its being directed by a dude named Gary Shore, who's coming right out of television commercials. I hear baby chicks singing! (Cheap, cheap, cheap.) Think he'll come anywhere near a microphone between now and then? He does have his Fast Slash Furious movie coming out this Summer, and then there's Ye Olde Hobbit sequels. Yeah we'll see. I will not be holding my breath.


George said...

whats the point of writing NOTED HOMOSEXUAL everytime you talk about luke evans???

Jason Adams said...

I am "note"-ing that he is a "homosexual." Somebody has to since he's decided the topic's off limits all of a sudden that people want to give him money.