Monday, April 01, 2013

It'll Make Your Eyes Fall Right Out

Oh my god. OH MY GOD you guys. This is the first clip from Eli Roth's horror series for Netflix called Hemlock Grove and they're showing off their take on werewolf transformation and it is SO GROSS. Seriously, seriously, don't watch this if you haven't got the stomach for serious serious gore. Me, being sick in the head or whatever, I burst out into laughter here at my desk. Your reaction may vary. Lily Taylor's non-reaction-shots are cracking me up, though.



John said...

When the guy was transforming the sounds were interesting but I wasn't grossed out at all. JA, did they ask you for your birthdate to view it?

Jason Adams said...

I did have to enter my DOB, yes.

Pessimistically Optimistic said...

That wasn't that bad. I actually though it made more sense than how most werewolves transform in most movies or shows.

Friend Mouse said...

I especially liked the wolf shaking off at the end ... and then snacking on the castoffs. Awesome.