Tuesday, April 02, 2013

I Am Link

--- Get Stalked - I've spoken about the "Meet the Lady" show here in NYC before - it's where I got to be in the almighty presence of Beth Grant, for starters. This Friday there's another edition all about Stalker Cinema (Fatal Attraction et al) which will no doubt be the best thing to do in NYC on Friday, you should all come. Buy tickets here! Show creator Tom Blunt talked to Fangoria all about it over here. Sad news though - the place that held the show, the 92YTribeca, is shuttering its doors, so the show post-this-week is homeless. Somebody offer up a grand space worthy of the Meet the Lady spectacle immediately! I gotta have my monthly fix!

--- Forgotten Fish - Pixar has officially announced the Finding Nemo sequel for 2015 - it's to be called Finding Dory and it will find the same ol' folks finding Dory instead of Nemo, I am supposing. All the ol' voice actors will return, no doubt.

--- Play Dirty - The Playlist has a few new pictures from Mud, director Jeff Nichols' follow-up to the brilliant Take Shelter, and I'll link you on over since shirtless McConaughey is involved. I do wanna see this though.

--- Eventual Heroism - The second Avengers movie will film by the end of 2013 slash the start of next year in the same studio in London where a bunch of the other Marvel movies - Thor 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy - are filming, too. It's not slated to come out until May of 2015 so patience will have to be our main virtue, I suppose. Slash has some Marvel-centric concept art too.

--- Darker Than Dark - So much good dashed so quickly - I was excited about Dark Places, the adaptation of the Gillian Flynn book set to star Charlize Theron. I finally read Flynn's other book Gone Girl and I very much liked it, and Charlize is Charlize. S'all good! but now that dreaded thing called Chloe Moretz has dug her claws into it and all I can do is SIGH SO HARD.

--- May Day - Over at The Film Experience Deborah is talking The Wicker Man (the original film) for (belated) Easter, and I will take note whenever anybody's talking The Wicker Man, because that is a movie worth talking about all the time.

--- Rose Hot - And speaking of belated holidays, here's Joe Reid talking about the always awesome Jawbreaker in honor of April Fool's Day yesterday.

--- And finally as I mentioned earlier, it's only two days until Hannibal starts! There's bound to be sheer tonnage of interviews with Bryan Fuller and his stars this week, but you shouldn't miss this chat with Bryan over at IndieWire where they praise the show as being possibly the best thing he's ever made (highest praise indeed) and then they get some info out of him on what his Pushing Daisies movie would look like if a Kickstarter campaign were to materialize for that. Zombies!

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