Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Good Morning, Gratuitous Rock Hudson

I stumbled upon a treasure trove of Rock Hudson in varying states of undress photography the week before last and then the Trousers happened and they gathered dust, but what's another week after fifty years or whatever, right? Right.

And it's not like the sight of that there ever gets old, ya know? I got these from a few different websites but I forgot to save the links where they're from, so if anybody wants their link up, let me know. (ETA A lot of them are via this website right here)

Oh, Rock. You think he'll ever get a proper bio-pic? I mean, if Liberace can - Rock might not have had the glitz and pageantry of that closeted chap, but he led a life and a half, I'd say.

Hit the jump for over 50 more pictures...


Isavigy said...

I saw that you used many of the pics I posted on the Rock Hudson Project website and forgot to mention it. Would you please add the source of your pics when you 'borrow' them from the website in the future?
Thanks in advance.

Jason Adams said...

Howdy! I will totally do that, and then I'll point you to the portion of this post where I specifically mentioned the fact that I'd lost the link where I'd found the pictures and that I would love it for somebody to give it to me so I could add the link to the post. Consider it done, anyway! And thanks for the pictures!

Isavigy said...

Thanks a lot, all forgiven ;)

James gregg said...

Beautiful hunk
Awesome guy