Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I Am Link

--- Adorable Squared - Tom Hardy's new movie Animal Rescue, with Noomi Rapace and Matthias Schoenaerts, is filming in Brooklyn right now and here are some pictures of him snuggling a puppy because oh my god it's Tom Hardy and a puppy. Mostly I'm just excited to realize that Tom and Matthias are both in Brooklyn right now. See ya suckers!

--- Emerald Everything - Since it made a throne-room full of cash this past weekend plans are steaming ahead to make a second Oz movie - Sam Raimi says he won't direct it though, and its producer says that it won't be going anywhere near Dorothy just yet. There are apparently still twenty years between when the first movie ended and her house drops out of the sky, so there's loads of time for more bizarrely Burtonesque hilltops tween then and now.

--- Ruby Rachel - Speaking of Oz-related things, Rachel Weisz, the best thing about it, will not be in David Cronenberg's next movie called Map to the Stars, which is about Hollywood and should star Robert Pattinson and Viggo Mortensen. She also talks about getting edited out of Terrence Malick's next movie at that link.

--- Super Close - Superman is standing really really close to Lois in that picture, no? Lucky Lois.
--- Whedon's Wars - Here's a chat with Joss Whedon where he talks about what he would have done with it if Star Wars had been handed to him; I haven't watched it yet but I guess he had no interest in bringing back Luke and Leia and Han et cetera.

--- Lizard People - Bryan Cranston has confirmed he's filming the Godzilla reboot once he's done with Breaking Bad, and David Strathairn has joined the movie too, as some sort of military figure.

--- Austin Spooks - Some good (or you know, hopefully good) stuff's showing horror-wise down in Austin for South By Southwest this week - here's Paracinema on the Evil Dead reboot, and here's AICN on You're Next (beware spoilers), which I've been clamoring to see for endless months upon months now.

--- Action Boy - Steven Spielberg says that the continuing adventures of Tintin aren't dead - Peter Jackson will begin filming the second one at the end of this year probably, and it'll be out in 2015, or so's they hope. I liked the first movie more than I expected to, and am totally willing to see another one.

--- Epic Triptych - Over at Stale Popcorn Glenn took in three very long movies over the weekend, to varying degrees of goodness - Kenneth Branagh's Hamlet, A Star Is Born with Judy Garland (which we just saw the other week, and loved), and Cloud Atlas, which... yeah, notsomuch. I will say with regards to Atlas though that I was relistening to its score yesterday and it is totally and absolutely lovely.

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