Monday, February 25, 2013

Preview of Eventual Attractions...

They're still a couple of weeks away at best but today I actually began working on 2012's Golden Trousers - that would be MNPP's awards for the best things of the previous movie year - huzzah! Y'all had been asking, anyway. They ran in mid-March last year and it looks like they will run in mid-March again this year. Mark your calendars in extremely light pencil.

I hadn't been feeling all that enthusiastic about doing them for the past few weeks, but as I actually sorted out last year's movies list-wise earlier today I realized what the problem has been - I've only been paying attention to Oscar's idea of the Best Movies of 2012! And now that we've thankfully sloughed off that nonsense and I give the year a quick once-over fresh-like I remember that oh yeah there are bunches of movies I loved; Argo and Silver Linings and Life of Pi and Lincoln and Les Mis don't own me! Hooray for the return of cinematic sanity. So y'all stay tuned.

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