Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Laurence Killed My Heartbeats

MoMA just announced their annual Canadian Front series - where they take a look at movies coming down from our esteemed neighbors northward - and they're doing a Xavier Dolan retrospective (as much of a "retrospective" as you can call it, since he's only made three movies), including a chat with the hipster savant himself and a screening of his newest flick Laurence Anyways, which I have heard very fine things about (it stars the very handsome Melvil Poupaud as a man becoming a woman). It's in mid-March - of course it is, that's when everything is happening! That's when the Pam Grier retrospective is happening too! And now I want to see a Xavier Dolan movie starring Pam Grier.

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BeRightBack said...

'Laurence Anyways' is wonderful, but quite taxingly long. I personally think the length, even the feeling of "oh my god, this will never end" that sets at about hte 3/4 mark, is actually integral to what makes it great, setting up the thematic payoff and weary catharsis of the end. Ugh, now I'm making it sound like the Turin Horse. It's not - it is astoundingly beautiful and stagy and indulgent and lush and involving. I'm just saying, bring a butt-pad and prepare to luxuriate in all the plenitude it offers. I love it now in retrospect even more than I did when I first saw it.