Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Conjure This!

Once upon a time there was the Saw franchise, and I was an unhappy little boy. Boo, I yelled! Boo! But then the director of the first Saw movie made Insidious, and I couldn't be angry any more. The clouds moved out and the sunshine came and we danced, oh how we danced! And now James Wan has another new movie coming out - it's called The Conjuring. And that's the story of how I came to be looking forward to The Conjuring, against all odds. Great story, am I right? Really in all truth I could have just said that Patrick Wilson was enough for me to be looking forward to anything, and scene. But I like to yammer! Point being, there's a great jump-in-your-seat trailer for The Conjuring now. Watch it here!

There's also a poster for the movie over at Fangoria.
The Conjuring is out on July 19th.

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notthebeachboy said...

I can't believe I just jumped that high. Haha!