Wednesday, February 27, 2013

All Hail Ragnor

You know those commercials that they force us to watch while trapped inside the theater waiting for our movie to start? I've gotten pretty good at tuning them out at this point, but I'm glad that the History Channel's new series Vikings (starting this Sunday, March 3rd) caught my eye because Hello Again, Travis Fimmel. 

Best remembered for those scorching Calvin Klein underwear ads awhile back (see lots of him here and here) he's since bounced around trying to be an actor - anybody remember when he was Tarzan? - and I gotta say, I like the years on him. Also the beard and the beefiness and the general brutish demeanor. Oh and the part in the one commercial where they hint at a Viking threeway.

She's saying, "Come join us," just in case you failed Viking lip-reading classes. Okay so clearly this thing's aiming to be A Game of Thrones minus the dragons, and clearly the dragons are why we watch A Game of Thrones, so I don't know about the prospects here. Do I care? I do not! His character's named Ragnor! Fantasies, ahoy.


Unknown said...

And hot diggity damn for that. If you haven't, check out Travis in "The Baytown Outlaws." Well worth the time. ˜R.

Jason Adams said...

I saw a bunch of pictures of him in that while looking up these - looks like porny white trash heaven!