Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Quote of the Day

I intended to read this interview at the LAT with Laura Dern over lunch but I got half a paragraph in and as with all things Laura Dern I was hooked. Highlights include learning she was conceived on the set of Roger Corman's 1966 biker flick The Wild Angels, and the news that a fourth collaboration between her and David Lynch is, as she puts it, "cooking." But my favorite bit comes where she talks about her first big brush with mega-celebrity in the wake of her part in Jurassic Park:

"I was on the cover of a lot of magazines and there were compliments about beauty and fashion and what I was wearing. Man, if you get locked into that, you can lose your freedom as an actress. If you're not locked in it, and if you're lucky enough to get that part with the right group of people, then suddenly you're in the makeup trailer like, 'Can I have a herpes sore? Can I have a hickey? Can it go further?"

Of course this is right around the time she made Citizen Ruth so, as we've seen, it can go further. Bless this woman. What did we think of the season premiere of Enlightened? I watched it last night - man that speech at the end in the car -- "Let's do something, not just be dying..." -- yup, this beautiful sad show is back.

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