Monday, January 28, 2013

Phillippe & Friends

Oh it has been far too long, Ryan. So you guys, I think I have a new best friend -- his name is James Cox and he is a director. He's only directed a couple of things, which is fine, because two of them are enough. Plenty. He directed the 2002 movie Highway, which starred Jared Leto and Jake Gyllenhaal, for one. Remember this?

Yeah if you're like me you'd never forget it. I have such a vivid memory of the way my stomach fell on the floor the first time I watched that scene. Good times, good times. 

And now this James Cox has directed something called Straight A's, which stars Ryan Phillippe in what appears to be his shirtless-liest performance in ages. Just how shirtless?

Hit the jump to find out. 
(Here's a hint: it's a lot, yo!)



Anonymous said...

Thank you. So much.

Scot said...

I still say he should have been cast as Finnick. He is just so perfect for that role. Cever up the ink, lighten the hair, shave the beard and pour him into a wet suit - FINNICK.

doa said...


Now he needs to start showing his ass in every movie he does again