Monday, January 28, 2013

I Am Link

--- The Iceman Returneth - The influx of ex-X's never abates - Anna Paquin, Ellen Page and Shawn Ashmore (seen to the left) are all returning for the next X-Men movie (Days of Future Fourgy is what I am calling it right?) from Bryan Singer which'll have their characters intermingling with the characters from the Fassbender-McAvoy prequel. And speaking of AICN has some chatter from the mouth of Singer himself on the film.

--- Next Freaks - Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige says that they are most definitely making an Ant-Man movie with Edgar Wright - hell the only reason that they are making an Ant-Man movie is Edgar Wright, he says. They say it'll be out in November of 2015. I'm already putting it in my calendar! He also confirms Dr. Strange.

--- Stevie Wonder - Steven Soderbergh is talking about some of the stuff he's going to do with his spare time now that he's retiring from the movies - oh apparently by "retiring" he only meant from "CINEMA," dontcha know; he says he'll be directing plays and he'd love to do a TV show if he found one. You know, just laying around, as they do. Oh and he's totally overhauling his 1991 movie Kafka for the DVD release - he's shot new stuff and is completely re-editing it, so much that he thinks it will be pretty much an entirely new thing when he's done.

--- Jude's Remains - I had missed the news that Werner Herzog's Gertrude Bell bio-pic (she's basically the female Lawrence of Arabia) with Naomi Watts is on hold, according to Watts; I only saw it now that Jude Law is saying its delay means he definitely won't be able to do it at all. Boo. Also at that link Jude spills a couple of the beans about Wes Anderson's next movie The Grand Budapest Hotel, which he's in and which is filming right now.

--- Spider Foe - Paul Giamatti is playing "The Rhino" in the second Amazing Spider-Man movie; he's a tough-guy (with a horn, natch) who in the comics teams up with Electro (which is the main villain, played by Jamie Foxx) to Yadda Yadda We'll Get You Peter Parker, Yadda!

--- Girl Power - I remember hearing about this back in December but I'm totally too lazy to look that post up - JJ Abrams and Alfonso Cuaron are executive producing a TV show, which Cuaron co-wrote, about a teenage girl who starts developing some kind of super ability. It just got a pilot green-light.

--- Zero Chance - Bill Murray's notoriously difficult to land for movies; he does what he want to do and it seems nobody (save Wes Anderson) can figure out what it'll ever be. But I can't imagine him not wanting to work with Terry Gilliam, right? Not so fast... apparently Gilliam wants him for a small part (maybe even just a voiceover) in The Zero Theorem, which already stars Tilda Swinton, Christoph Waltz, Ben Whishaw and Matt Damon, and Bill's already being wishy-washy.

--- Golden Season - Over at The Film Experience Nat took a look at the movies that just won the awards at Sundance and wonders if they'll be the little movies that could that we're talking about come Oscars season next year. Can somebody tell me how I am supposed to pronounce Fruitvale now so I can get that over with?

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