Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Good Morning, Keira

This scene of Keira Knightley and Aaron Johnson and Aaron Johnson's most terribly impressive bum is brought to you by Joe Wright's recent Tolstoy adaptation slash sadly under-loved here in awards season flick Anna Karenina

I liked AK quite a bit you may recall. And not just because of this shot (though it didn't hurt). You know I give Amanda Seyfried a lot of shit for all the fine men-folk she's rubbed her bits up on but Keira 's really giving her a run for her money. That shot above immediately reminded me of a very similar shot of Keira lounging around in bed with Dominic Cooper in The Duchess.

(see more here) And of course she's rubbed her period-appropriate bustles up on Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy and Orlando Bloom and Edgar Ramirez (daaaaamn Edgar) and so on. And then in real life she's been with the model Jamie Dornan (who MNPP's loved for ages) and Homeland's Rupert Friend (who I finally find cute now how he looks on Homeland).

In summation, what a lucky goil.


billybil said...

God Aaron Johnson was gorgeous in that movie. I absolutely could believe a woman would ruin her life for that man. So beautiful. And I really enjoyed the film and feel bad that Keira isn't getting more appreciation.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, did not recognize Rupert Friend on Homeland! He doesn't look like a strange Orlando Bloom expy with that short hair. Wonderful!

Dawn said...

Ah Keira is now officially living the dream.