Friday, December 07, 2012

Who Wore It Best?

While writing up this week's piece for Celebrity Beehive on this weekend's new releases it struck me that both the protagonist and the antagonist of the movie 300 each have movies about men's love lives filtered through the lens of soccer coming out today. That is kinda weird, right?

Random, anyway. Very specific little window they've closed in on. I haven't seen Playing For Keeps (and you'll never make me either!) but I have seen Heleno; here's my review. And see more pics of Rodrigo in uniform here

Anyway then I saw that Deadfall was also out this weekend, and Charlie Hunnam's also starred in a soccer movie - Green Street Hooligans. And his Deadfall co-star Eric Bana had a picture taken of himself naked playing rugby one time, which might as well be soccer, for all I know about it.

It all comes together! I mean... doesn't it?
The odd man out is Bill Murray, but then when isn't he?


robbie1979 said...

'RE: Eric Bana: he's playing AFL (Australian Football League) not rugby

Jason Adams said...

Exactly my point!