Friday, December 07, 2012

Any Fans Of Bone Out There?

No, not that kind of bone, pervs. I finally started reading Jeff Smith's comic Bone - thirteen years of it handily all gathered up in a single volume - this past week, and I'm totally and completely besotted with it. (Most especially everything having to do with the "rat monster" duo, pictured above.) Any fans out there? As per my usual routine it only bleeped onto my radar once talk of a movie began - back in January it was announced that Muriel's Wedding director PJ Hogan would be making the movie, from a script by the dude who created the TV show Greek. Haven't seen any news about it since then, and it's still not listed on PJ's IMDb page, so who knows - what I do know though is this thing's totally engulfed my brain.


Sandisan said...

Stupid stupid rat creatures!!!!

gregory brown said...

I read the collection a couple of years ago and was taken with it. But then brought back. Good stuff. Enjoy it.

Ryan M said...

Enjoy it JA!
I originally caught Bone in short bursts through Disney Adventure magazine when I was super super young...and finally after much nostalgia, I buckled down and bought the same one volume edition two years ago and plowed through it all. It's still easily one of my favorite written works, either comic, literature, or otherwise: so funny, well-drawn, and just beautiful to look at.
They did make a few episodic video games out of it a few years back, but honestly given how dense the series/book is, accomplishing that all within one movie will be quite the task.

Lizou said...

It would make a better mini series than movie franchise, in my opinion. But the book is wonderful! I agree with Ryan M, the detailed arc of the story might be hard to condense into a movie ... but I would probably go see a movie if one turned up.