Monday, December 03, 2012

When Alex Schtupped Shiloh

I can't quite recall the progression of mouse-clicks that led me to this news, but according to this here interview with Shiloh Fernandez he and Alexander Skarsgard are playing ex-lovers in their next movie called The East, which is also the next movie from writer-actress Brit Marling and director Zal Batmanglij, whose film Sound of My Voice we were just discussing. Here's what Shiloh said about the movie:

"I got to play a bisexual sometime-cross-dresser. The back story is that Alexander Skarsgard and I had been lovers in college. He's an attractive, tall, strapping man."

Let's just hope for flashbacks, or a rekindling, or something for god's sake something. The movie also stars Ellen Page and Patricia Clarkson, so you know, you'll see this whatever the case. And here below is the first picture from the film; you can see Skarsgard and Fernandez and Page and Marling, amongst others. here's a general movie rule I stand by: people sitting in circles always leads to unexpected kissing!


das buut said...

Whhhhhhyyyy? This guy is the worst possible director for this type of movie. We're going to get a lotta focus on boringly obscure mystery and no actual depth.

Gus said...

That interview also says that Fernandez gave a "penetrating performance that made'Skateland' a Sundance hit". Is there some thing I should know?