Monday, December 03, 2012

Peek A Boo Pale Man

Guillermo Del Toro says his next movie will be a big-budget haunted house movie called Crimson Peak, from a script he wrote right after Pan's Labyrinth. This is different than the twelve-thousand other projects he's yapped about over the past couple of years, because he says the studio's very keen to get this made - of course, he also goes on to say there's still hope for At the Mountains of Madness too, and I've just been hurt too many times over that one to even try and get worked up anymore. I'm just glad we've got a talented film-maker so dedicated to horror that studios seem to want to work with right now. The studio is apparently very enthusiastic about Pacific Rim, so let's hope he can squeeze that into all sorts of coolness.


Uncle Mike said...

Might want to edit that headline, sir. LOL

Jason Adams said...

Oh I totally meant to say PEE of course... LOL thanks Mike!