Sunday, December 23, 2012

Suffy Night, Holy Night

Guess who I saw last night? Oh right that picture and this post's title already gave that away. Whatevs, I'm riding giddy and stupid on an extended wave of gleefulness - what a lovely fun night! Sufjan singing holiday songs and being the silliest Christmas goose - what more could one ask for? I even caught him lifting his shirt to wipe off some sweat and exposing skin at one point!

I tell you what! For an idea of the chaos, check this:

I know for a lot of you, your mileage may vary with regards to your ability to take this scene - indeed I don't really know how I, most cynical I, ended up in this place. I suppose you should never underestimate the power of a pretty pretty boy who writes pretty pretty songs, eh?

That is one of my favorite of his Xmas tunes,
"Justice Delivers Its Death," which is a rework of sorts
of my favorite Xmas song "Silver and Gold."

That's "Lakes of Canada," which is not an Xmas tune,
but it is loveliness turned into music all the same.

And that is my most favorite Xmas song of his of all.

There are a couple more videos that I took over here
And if you want to see some pictures I took, hit the jump!

It devolved into a total anarchy of balloons and confetti and inflatable unicorns at the end, as you can see. Don't go into the light, Christmas Unicorn!


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