Saturday, December 22, 2012

Shake Rattle and Heads Will Roll


Dear lord the trailer for Aftershock is here - it's that Chilean earthquake movie starring Eli Roth that we've told you about before - and I want to see this movie so much! It has a real Final Destination meets Hostel vibe to it. In other words, heaven. If Eli gets his fur out then shut down the Oscars, we already have 2013's Best Picture.


Ivan said...

This looks great; I hope that because it's from Chile there's a socio-political element as well (Roth's involvement gives me hope there), because Chile has had a very messed up (to put it mildly) recent history. In other words, I'm hoping it's not generic. BTW, I'm told that all the major cities in Chile have been earthquake-proofed (the buildings are on rollers!); maybe that's why this takes place "off the beaten track"?
Looking forward to it/Happy Holidays!

HenryK said...

I´m sorry but I have seen the movie and it is not only awful but probably the worst movie that I have seen in 2012. I love Hostel & Hostel 2 but this is just not funny, not scary,... Don´t have high expectations!