Friday, December 21, 2012

I Am Link

--- Bless Nicole - Over at The Film Experience, Nat got to interview Nicole Kidman! How he kept it together to ask such a bunch of great questions I'll never know but he did, and it's one of the best chats with her I've ever read - they talk mostly about The Paperboy and how she managed to come up with the insanity that is Charlotte Bless, but other favorites - like Birth! - get some unexpected but much deserved love too. (Sidenote: I was super tempted to photo-shop Nat's head onto Zac Efron in that picture.)

--- Bad Girl - The title of Kristen Wiig's next movie has been changed from Imogene to Girl Most Likely... uh, no. Not a good change. It sounds like a Kate Hudson movie now. Change it back, please. Oh I'll still see the movie of course. It's scheduled for mid-July.

--- Death Masque - Over at Stale Popcorn Glenn just watched Roger Corman's terrific Masque of the Red Death, and gives some thought to its Phantom of the Opera influences and vice versa. And speaking of, Roger Corman has announced he is remaking several of his old Poe movies from the 60s, including Masque. He says he's excited to update them with the new technology available today. (As if the old creaky lo-fi nature of the originals isn't 95% of their interminable charm.)

--- Snow Queen - We'd been hearing about Disney's next animated movie Frozen for so long that it seems weird to me that they've just cast Jonathan Groff to voice the male lead, but I guess that's the way animation goes. Kristen Bell's been slated to voice the main character for awhile. Add in Idina Menzel as the evil Snow Queen and yup, this is some gay shit.

--- Carrie Forth - Sean T. Collins tells us the best moments of the second season of Homeland; he was harder on the show than I was, but its second season definitely had some real problems and became something the astonishingly good first season didn't seem to be heading towards, to my sadness. It seemed more intent on its characters the first season; this time around it was more about bizarre twists and turns that never really added up. 

--- Go Boom - I haven't watched the trailer for Seth Rogen and James Franco's end of the world comedy This Is the End yet, but here it is if you want to. I just hope they don't go making Edgar Wright's end of the world movie The World's End seem redundant. There's plenty of room for all the apocalypses, fellas!

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Barry said...

I am going to have to disagree with you 100% on Homelands sophomore season.

I thought season one was excellent, but season two is extraordinary.

No other show this season has made me cry three times in one episode lol. And that three pack of punch in the gut episodes in a row (State of Independence, New Car Smell and Q&A) made it rise to become the best show currently on television.

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if it wins the same exact Emmy categories next year plus nods at least for Morena Baccarin and Mandy Patinkin too.

And I just have to say Claire Danes is something special, and I feel bad saying I never realized how amazing she is until now. Seriously, one of the best actresses out there.