Friday, December 21, 2012

Good Morning, World

I finally saw Tom Sturridge in something! Hooray! I'd posted a hefty Gratuitous post on him back in October but he was another one of them "Golly he is adorable, yet I have no idea if he can actually do his job or not"'s. And now I can say with one film down, hey he's not bad! He plays Carlo Marx (the gay poet, the Allan Ginsberg stand-in) in On the Road, a movie I was surprised to find myself really liking. Here's my review. I only make passing mention of him, but he had a tough job selling some of the more obnoxious art-stoner dialogue, and he did a fine job. 

Anyway Sturridge turns 27 today. These shots are from The Boat That Rocked, aka Pirate Radio, or whatever it ended up being called. I stayed away from that thing. And yes in doing so missed this. Silly me. His next film was written by Emma Thompson and stars her and Dakota Fanning - I'll totally see that!

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