Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Gratuitous Miguel Ángel Silvestre

This was going to be a "Good Morning" post but it took me too long. Meaning I found so many pictures to post (around one hundred and eighteen, actually!), that it's not really morning anymore, so... a belated good morning, and here's this dude!

I wrote up a lil' post about Pedro Almodovar's new movie I'm So Excited having a lil' trailer for The Film Experience at the end of last week, and in the comments the subject of this here actor Miguel Ángel Silvestre came up.

Hello! His name seemed familiar to me, and once I looked him up I realized it wasn't because I'd actually properly seen any of his movies, but that I had seen clips from his 2006 boxing thriller The Distance, which... well you'll see all I saw below. It catches the eye!

Not that that's hard (heh) when this is your subject. Here's to hoping that working with Almodovar is just the start and we'll have plenty of Miguel to look forward to. Until then, let's look back, at all he's already given us. It's a whole (NSFW) lot. Hit the jump for it...



Anonymous said...

Well-played, MNPP.

Peggy Sue said...

I'm so glad I introduced you to the charms of Miguel Ángel ;)